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Ever notice how the first thing they warn you about when discussing time travel is the ? I guess maybe if you travel back to 1900 or whatever you're just automatically struck with this insatiable need to hunt down and slaughter an ancestor. I don't know if it's possible to travel back in time, but it certainly shouldn't be. There's really nothing good that could come out of people traveling back in time, and traveling forwards in time would be bad. Say you go ten years in the future during the middle of the H5N1 AnthrAIDSpox.Coli outbreak, and you don't have any HyperGarlic with you and then in about five seconds you're just a puddle of white-hot radioactive waste. Nobody wants that.In other news, the deadline for ordering for Dec 25 has passed. After the weekend I'll take stock of inventory to see if there's anything you can still grab for Hanukkah! Hava Nagila!

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