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I asked Weedmaster P if I could borrow his time machine to go back in time a month ago and order all the late TopatoCo merch but he turned white as a sheet and started sweating profusely and said he didn't know what I was talking about, then ran to the bathroom and I can still hear him faintly sobbing.This second floor office is so hot! Seriously it is like five degrees outside and probably 90 in here. It's one of those deals where the guy down the hall has control of the thermostat or something and it's cold in his studio. We're getting windows put in soon though (right, Linda? ;))There are some distinct differences on the 2nd floor of this arty old factory building. In the basement there were crude drawings of penises on the walls of the bathroom stalls. On the second floor there are crude drawings of penises on the walls of the bathroom stalls that are . Ooh UPS is here! See you tomorrow!

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