Earth Characters

NAME: Wigu Tinkle.
AGE: 8.
DEAL: Just a pretty smart little fat kid tryin' to get by in an extremely insane world. Strong sense of bravery and heroism.

NAME: Paisley Tinkle.
AGE: 16.
OCCUPATION: Emotionally Troubled Teenage Girl.
DEAL: Wakes up every day upset, deliberately seeks out reasons to be more upset.

NAME: Quincy Tinkle.
AGE: 45.
OCCUPATION: Dad/Musician.
DEAL: 5 parts muscle, 4 parts heart, 3 parts hero, 1 part brains .

NAME: Romy Tinkle.
AGE: 47.
OCCUPATION: Mom/Loan Officer.
DEAL: High-functioning alcoholic. Vaguely aware of the concept of motherhood.

NAME: Hugo Rodriguez.
AGE: 8.
DEAL: Considers Wigu his best friend. Hip-hop enthusiast, bad influence. Comes from circumstances.

Butter Dimension 360° Characters

NAME: Dr. Topato Potato.
AGE: 8 Days.
OCCUPATION: Warrior-Attorney/Cartoon Character.
DEAL: A powerful, verbose warrior who is a potato and he is also a lawyer. His power is that he is made out of poison.

NAME: Sheriff Pony.
AGE: 10 Days.
OCCUPATION: Security Chief/Poet/Cartoon Character.
DEAL: Technically Topato's boss but he is not in charge. Like Topato he is super-advanced. Sheriff Pony's power is being polite. Both he and Topato help Wigu out with things.

NAME: Princess Dongle.
AGE: 15 Days.
DEAL: Recklessly hedonistic teenage princess Topato and Sheriff Pony are required to protect. This is difficult.

This is a picture of a boy named Wigu What Is Wigu?

Wigu is a comic about a boy named Wigu and his family, the Tinkle family. They all live in a town in Oklahoma called Shallow Brook that has a population of about 21,489, but that changes almost daily. You can read more about the Tinkles on the floating thing to your right.

Wigu began as a story told in chapter-days, meaning when a character woke up, the story would start, and the story would end when the last character fell asleep. However, Wigu's author is capricious and easily distracted and has difficulty concentrating on something for very long so the story sometimes wanders.

The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the wandering and straying. What follows are how the stories play out (with helpful hyperlinks included). The links in the paragraphs go to specific comics in the story. We recommended you bookmark this page, for it is quite easy to become lost, confused, or to simply pass out.

And if you want to skip this whole online reading business altogether, we've heard that a certain store carries these weird tangible paper things called "books." Might be good to check out.

The ongoing semi-linear adventures of Wigu Tinkle.

Day One: The Sadness Has Spread To My Lungs
Day One started innocently enough with Wigu and Paisley playing hookey and singing a song. They learn what their father does for a living. We are introduced to Topato, Sheriff Pony, and Princess Dongle, the stars of Wigu's favorite cartoon, Magical Adventures... in Space. Later, Wigu learns about the Catchphrase Killer and has to do some homework.

Day Two: The Slagathors
Wigu and Paisley encounter problems getting to school on time. After an incident in the cafeteria in which we discover the Magical Adventures characters are free to manifest themselves in the real world, Wigu is grounded. Quincy discovers a peculiar infestation, and Paisley accidentally trips on magic mushrooms and tries out for Cheerleading.

Day Three: A Man, a Plan, a Van
Quincy decides the kids need to realize their dream at the Family Band Competition in Austin, TX. On the way they drop by the drive-through zoo and pick up a friendly hitchiker, and after being detained at the airport, the day ends in a metaphysical battle of strength.

Day Four: Fantasy Bulldozers
Wigu meets Hugo. There's a car crash. Quincy buys a backhoe. Paisley and the Scalpateerettes put on an unusual cheerleading routine. We learn about Topato's gambling problem, and the connection between Butter Dimension and Earth. The day ends as most days do -- in a gigantic explosion.

Day Five: The Well
The Tinkles wake up with amnesia! Wigu has a windfall of pets, some of which have problems. Sheriff Pony and Topato attempt to fix the problems but are accidentally killed, and Wigu discovers a magical, wish-granting orb at the bottom of a well.

Day Six: The Multiverse, the Pool, and Elves
Our hero awakes with green hair, and Hugo comes over and they watch some Magical Adventures in Space. After the universe is destroyed, the family goes to the public pool. After the cult thing doesn't work out, Wigu and Hugo find some magical, backward elves in the forest. Eventually, Hugo gets his own wish.

Day Seven: Suddenly Monday
Day Seven begins like any other Sunday, with it inexplicably being Monday. Sheriff Pony saves a plunging schoolbus, but Topato must to rescue him from a terrible fate. Wigu discovers a new form of energy, and the kids are nearly lynched by religious zealots. The day ends with a celebratory dinner/standoff at Bigfoot's Pizza.

Day Eight: [REDACTED]
[redacted][redacted][redacted] . Once [redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted]  and then TopatoCo [redacted][redacted] [redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted] [redacted] Tinkles [redacted][redacted] [redacted] .

Day Nine: The Illuminati Conspiracy
Time for school again! Only this time Romy is in jail and Quincy accidentally drives the family van into a bottomless pit... of mystery! Sheriff Pony and Topato step in again but find themselves in a tangled web of intrigue that involves the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and quite possibly the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. From here it gets weird. It turns out the Tinkles have a secret, and after a huge battle at the mysterious Illuminati Island the Tinkles are pursued by bounty hunters. After a major character dies, the Tinkles have no choice but to go on the lam.

Day Ten: The Case of the Missile Crisis
The Tinkles seek the help of Quincy's eccentric brother Andre, who lives in an abandoned nuclear missile silo. Andre has some pretty big plans of his own, and Wigu makes a pretty bad mistake.

Day Eleven: The Case of Atlantis
With Doctor Uncle Andre in tow, the Tinkles set off to find the lost continent of Atlantis and end up discovering that the entire planet is in trouble! As it turns out, only they can do something about it.
Rather read it in print? The Case of Atlantis (including special bonus material) is currently available for purchase from Topatoco!

Day Twelve: The Case of Mars
The Tinkles go to Mars in the final installment of the three-part "Case of" trilogy! Now available online for your pleasure and consumption. Of course, you can always still buy the book. Not to give anything away, but this chapter involves Wigu making a different decision in an earlier story.

Day Thirteen: Saturday in the Park
The current story takes place six months after Day Five, and it is Wigu's birthday. After inventing the world's most delicious food, the family scrambles to give Wigu the perfect birthday. Things turn out far from perfect, and Wigu reveals his most secret desire. This leads to him to be suspected of being a wizard. In frustration, Wigu runs away to the Butter Dimension where he assists in a deadly coup d'etat and is crowned King of All Butter Dimensions, much to the dismay of the local populace, who riot. Princess Dongle is then installed as a puppet monarch with Wigu secretly retaining absolute power and he is returned to Earth where is trumpeted descent is mistaken for the return of Jesus Christ.

A few stories focusing on the goings-on in the Butter Dimension.

Driving Miss Dongle
Princess Dongle has been arrested for driving while intoxicated.

A Princess Betrothed
Princess Dongle may or may not be secretly in love with Topato. Murder plots are made, alien conquests are foiled, and it all ends (like it began) with a bit of tv.

The Illiterate Princess
It's a race against time as Sherrif Pony and Topato must teach the Princess how to read -- before midnight!

Princess Prisoner
Princess Dongle has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. Again.

One-off strips and stories, not part of the Wigu Adventures story.

RIP Fuzzy
Wigu gets a dog. Topato doesn't want him to have a dog. The dog doesn't want to not be alive.

Family UnCircus
In which Jeffrey experiments with making Wigu "like what The Family Circus would be like if Bill Keane had ever, just once in his life, drank tequila out of the mouth of a complete stranger."

Black Guys
Wigu asks a question and gets sent to the principal's office. She decides Wigu should be on television. There's a plane crash in there too.

Boogers and Stuff
[Description coming soon]

Random stories, featuring American Platypus and Science Cop.

American Platypus
The tales of the most hated platypus in all of Australia, his gang, and their exploits.

Science Cop
When mysterious crimes can only be solved using science, the world turns to... Science Cop.

Bad Night in Toad Town
The new film by Robert Rodriguez.

Superboyz in Tha Hood
Clark Kent hangs with the Crips in South Central LA.

When I Grow Up
Four friends, a television station, and a donkey.

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