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Hello everybody! There is Weedmaster P's second comic! I think this one is a lot better because it didn't instantly make me want to reach for a pistol, point it in any old direction and pull the trigger until it goes click (I love you Big Lebowski!).

Things are still really weird around here. Last night Weedmaster P was really mad because he found out Dr. Dre only had an honorary doctorate. Joanna has been SINGING (she is singing now) but when you go into the room she stops and just stares blankly at one spot on the wall. I feel like there are demonds about. Weedmaster P says he sees shapes but I think it is just the Machine Elves. Andrew WK doesn't even feel like partying (imagine that!).

As per Jeffrey's wishes, a large catapult is being constructed on top of the hill and his body is currently frozen and being made to smell of strawberries. A local newspaper has written a nice, short obituary for Jeffrey. Do you know how hard it is to find contractors who can build an accurate scale model of a 15th century catapult? It is very hard indeed.

It feels like things are different now. Everywhere I go people are frowning, and babies are crying. The crippled lady that holds the $5.00 pizza sign in front of Little Caesar's Pizza was crying. The sun came up almost an hour late this morning, but I see no mention of it on any news reports or chat shows. I am certain my clocks are correct (I collect clocks!).

Until tomorrow, try to enjoy the day! I will be sure to update if anything significant happens.


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