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Hi everybody. Things are kind of different around here now, everything just feels so wrong and empty. Weedmaster P has been making comics to put up in Jeffrey's place but honestly they frighten me quite a lot and generally make me feel very uneasy.

I have noticed Weedmaster P has been smoking a lot more, and staring at his hands. He says we should raise the price on Jeffrey's merchandise because things are more vaulable when you're dead and all that but that feels wrong. Needless to say Weedmaster P was up pretty late trying to learn how to use HTML.

Joanna is walking now but she just walks into the front door and tries to walk through it. We pick her up and set her back on the piano but she just keeps trying to walk through the front door, I guess she wants to go after Jeffrey.

I'll let you guys know more when we know more and things begin to stabilise. Jeffrey's will-reading was this morning and it was extremely complicated. At one point the lawyer got kind of embarassed and refused to keep reading it. He said he was going to the bathroom but right after that we heard his car engine rev up and peel out of the parking lot all fast and furious like. We don't know how such a corpulent man could have squeezed himself out the tiny bathroom window, but I guess fear makes many things possible.

It's 11:57am now, and it's time to figure out what giraffes eat.


PS: Weedmaster P worked on this comic for about seven hours so be nice, okay?

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