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I was going to eat a pack of silica gel yesterday because I didn't know what would happen and because I stay true to my comics I refused to Google it, but my so-called "friends" were not supportive of my experiment. So instead of eating silica gel we drank Wild Turkey and Jose Cuervo and held fireworks in our hands that said DO NOT HOLD IN HAND on the side.

It turns out that I am being summoned by a higher power to Comic-Con so I might try to make it for Friday and Saturday, but only if one of you can put a roof over my head while I lay unconscious and vulnerable in the dark of night. Looks like Jamie has offered to put me up! Yaaaay!

This week's update schedule is discombobulated due to Freedom Overload, but we'll be on track shortly. There will be a new Overcompensating every weekday but not always at the same time.

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