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Update: For more information about SRSI Addiction, Bill is here to help you.

I actually wasn't going to do regular OC updates this week and run a Magical Adventures in Space story instead! But topics are by nature topical and there's never a better time to scoop the news than when it slimy and hollering, fresh out of the news womb.

I have a lot of opinions about anti-depressants that I will keep to myself. Suffice it to say, I think they are prescribed to a lot of people who don't really need them. A doctor once suggested Zoloft to me, and I need Zoloft like a giraffe needs a subscription to Maxim. These days I don't go to doctors unless there is something fixing to fall off.

It just seems to me like a substance that directly affects your brain shouldn't be as freely available as soft drinks. I mean, thousands of years of research have determined that the primary side effects of marijuana are laziness, confusion, and hunger, but it's as illegal as prostitution. Yet something that is routinely prescribed to children that affects their brain functions that might make them want to commit suicide is completely legal. Too bad the Food and Drug Administration is as corrupt and ineffective as the rest of the Bush adminsitration.

High horse dismounted! Enjoy a free ride with your old friends Topato Potato, Sheriff Pony, and Princess Dongle for the remainder this week, and I am gonna put as much effort as I can into The Case of Atlantis!

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