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All that work trying to draw the comics when I was a kid is finally . Now I would like to speak just a little about , and the delays a lot of you experienced in getting your copy.We at TopatoCo were unprepared for the volume of that book that sold. "We" at TopatoCo, up until that point, for all intents and purposes, was . Before the book, TopatoCo was operating off just one computer, even with the additional shipping clients. However, after orders for the book started coming in, it was a desperate situation involving lots of screaming cusses and a sudden crash course in merging xml and csv files with the shipping software. Things blowed up bigtime, and it's been a horrifying game of catchup for the past couple months.Long story short, we got two more computers and about 30 hours a week of labor and we're now finally operating at the level we should be for our current volume of output, which is crazy. I am extremely DIY-oriented, and independent to a ridiculous fault. That's gotta change, and it is changing. My goal is to get your orders out within two or three days, and be able to have two days off a week (I haven't had an actual real day off since January I think [oh wait I had two in March!]).To a brighter day without delays and no lawsuits!

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