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Jeez what a couple of days. Moving all my stuff out of my apartment down the street using only handtrucks and bungee cords was harder than I thought.However this weekend I also had a chance to carefully read , and if you are an artist or anyone who has ever put up any of your original work on's servers you should be aware that it is all technically the property of Myspace/Fox/Newscorp . While I am aware I am being extremely paranoid, as far as laws go, Myspace has every legal right to publish or distribute any of your work without compensation to you. That's what it means to "granting them a worldwide, royalty-free license."However I think that if can adhere to those terms of Service, Myspace can be bound by my few Terms of User Service, which are as follows:1. As long as I allow to host my user account, Fox has to cancel Family Guy and put Futurama back on.2. As long as I allow to host my user account, Myspace/Fox/Newscorp has to donate 50% of's revenues to Public Education in America. Kids are getting dumber by the second and Myspace isn't helping.3. If deletes my user account, I can keep a copy of my account on my hard drive and Myspace/Fox/Newscorp is still bound by these rules.4. I can change these rules any time I want to, and it is Myspace/Fox/Newscorp's responsibility to review this post regularly to see if there are any changes.There, that's not unreasonable!

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