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It's true -- potheads compromise a whopping 91% of spectators at jam band concerts, yet surprisingly only 35% of record sales are attributable to the same demographic. What does that say about the future of America? Imagine you're reading a fairy tale book (with obfuscated, twisted, violent imagery as all good fairy tale books have), and suddenly you turn to the last page and it is scorched beyond recognition. Got about 500 books out the door so far (if you are near Southington, CT there are some at Kevin's Comics). I'm trying to make all the special editions extra special which is taking a little time. I hope to have all the pre-orders and current orders out the door by Wednesday, as well as all the other orders TopatoCo has and all the orders all of TopatoCo's shipping clients have, as well as working on material for the Literate Princess web-story and inking pages for the Case of Atlantis.I did my income tax last night; basically I just shoved a bunch of papers into an envelope, held my breath, and crammed it into a the slot. If I owe the IRS money that they've made it too complicated for me to figure out, then they can send me a bill. I'm not too happy about being an accessory to mass murder, but it's Patriot Day so I'm not supposed to say that.

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