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I don't know if it's cool or not to make a big movie about Nine Eleven. It is a low point in history, and the vengenance process hasn't been exactly rewarding since there've been almost as many American troops killed as were killed on Nine Eleven, and the people who are supposed to make sure everything is okay are just making things worse. I wish everybody could just say "hey everybody, let's just be cool and let's figure out how to get smarter so we can make sure our children aren't gunned down by military people or we don't blow half the planet off." Nine Eleven is something that all human beings should be ashamed of. There is no reason for civilized people to act like this. Ya'll don't know how to act right. However if it wasn't for war there'd be no way to ever make a movie called .Anyway so I am guess kind of against blastin' suckaz for they loot. Blast suckaz cuz they actin' like . Somewhat related - .

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