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Thousands of years ago, Dracula and a Unicorn walked into a bar. They were the best of friends because they understood each other. Dracula understood that Unicorns had to live in seclusion because poachers (Orcs) desired their magical horns, and the Unicorn understood how Dracula had to live in seclusion because everyone wanted to burn him to death.Then they started arguing about religion and began to scream at each other, and the bartender (a Hobbit) asked them to take it outside. They did, and Dracula began to shove the Unicorn. The Unicorn, though he could have easily pierced Dracula through the heart with his horn, stayed true to the Unicorn's Code which was to never use violence to solve a problem. Dracula bit the Unicorn. The Unicorn was very upset and went into a deep depression for thousands of years.Now the dreaded Half Vampire/Half Unicorn has returned, his fiery heart yearning for dreams. He is unstoppable. Or is he? We can't even figure out what to call him.I am working on a short Magical Adventures story to be released for free on the web (and maybe a supplement in "The Case of Atlantis." Two pages have been inked, see the colored version of page one . God bless you and have a magnificent week.

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