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Something feels mildly hypocritical being a dude and having an opinion about . However, until that sweet, sweet day when we evolve to reproduce with a cloud of spores, dudes have got a little to do with it. If you don't believe a lady should be able to have an abortion if she wants to you are . can't be wrong. That's about five billion more people than this planet is actually designed to handle. will begin pre-ordering tomorrow come hell or high water. I'll explain more why it took so long to get out; basically it is a 36 page book that took twice as long per page as the old daily Wigu updates did. It's about y'all. And mad loot for yours truly.I would continue to ramble but is in the building, allegedly accompanied by an entourage of nubile, Nubian princesses. I've slept three of the last 40 hours.

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