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I buy a lot more music off the i-Tunes now than I buy CDs, but I really hate talking about that stuff. I am a terrible web-blogger.I am so close to finishing the Wigu book, but everytime I almost get there something gets in the way. Like I get accosted by some yobs, or my "Worlds of Warcraft" gnome-wizard gets smallpox, or I simply collapse from exhaustion in the middle of the parking lot. I need a couple of days to re-energize. I plan to sit in a very bright room with four objects in it: a chair, a pencil, a small notebook, and a bucket. I will sit in the chair completely nude and perfectly still with my hands atop my thighs. I will do this in six-hour shifts for a maximum of two days, then I will finish the book. I might take a break to do an overcompensating comic. If you need a fix will be happy to serve up some "laffs."

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