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The temptation to use this "blog" as a vehicle to express my opinions about serious issues is extremely strong sometimes. I went to bed last night thinking about the war, and torture, and trying to figure out how to stop people from hurting each other. But you know what? There is no answer. We're evolved enough to know right from wrong but not evolved enough to know which one to do. We're animals and it'll be thousands of years before our collective species will be able to understand what is really the right thing to do. Of course an Extinction Level Event is far more likely to occur before people figure out that getting along and having a good time are far more important than killing each other over Turf, Loot, and God.Okay, sorry to be a bummer! Here is to make up for it! Sorry it is way overdue. Lately by the time I get time to work on it it's after 12 or more hours of work. It's almost done. See ya!

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