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Jeez you guys, it's been a while since we put out some new T-shirts! But now that I have an Actual Assistant, it's time to do a big brain dump in the next few days. After I finish the Wigu story (The Case of the Missile Crisis), of course, and get those files all sent to the print shop. I have taped to my monitor the following notes:SON OF ITS ON NOWDO YOU BELIEVE IN DRAGONSMACHINE ELVESEARFTACO TRACTTACOSNATURE'S VEGETABLESI have also invented a new word called "" (pronounced "see-en-en-gazim"). It is what happens when the words "children," "fiery," and "mangled" can all appear in a headline together. It is my gift to the world, something you can use for free; I'm not like those . The creative process is mind-bogglingly fascinating.

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