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So that's how that happened. Okay, I have something to tell you. I think I'm going to kind of restructure the way I put out comics next year. Well, specifically, . Here's what I'm thinking right now, I'm gonna stew it over for a few days though until I make a final decision.Overcompensating is more popular than Wigu now, by quite a large margin. However, I really enjoy drawing Wigu. After all, Overcompensating is basically a retelling of things that actually happen to me so it doesn't take a lot of effort for me to do what is in essence . Plus it's extremely fun. However, I have some concerns about Wigu.The kind of comic I want Wigu (and American Platypus and other associated materials) to be can no longer be restricted by a "daily" format. These little stories need to be told all at once, not with just cliffhanger after cliffhanger. I'm thinking of releasing a montly "mangazine" of sorts. It will be something that's available for free both online and offline (as a small book available for purchase online and in stores who want to offer it - the paper version would have extras like short stories, etc). I'm looking for ways to make the paper version to be a nice little full-color job, around 24-36 pages a month. Basically I'd like for the 9pm-2am time slot in my current daily schedule (when I typically draw Wigu) to go toward something more creative and profitable and fun.This decision is still being deliberated in my mind but there's other reasons too, such as the fact that I do not completely own the domain name ";" it is technically under the control of the government of another country. I do however own "" and a number of others. Although "" does not expire until like 2010 it's fate is a constant concern of mine and I'd rather have my primary domain to be one that I actually have control over. Anyway, this is just a notification of things possibly to come. 2005 was an incredibly weird, successful, and exhausting year, but 2006 is the one where we're gonna get our name on a blimp.

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