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Well so far quitting smoking is a little easier than I though. I cheated yesterday and had about a whole cigarette over the course of the day but even though I was extremely tempted have one before bed I just made sure to shoot enough heroin so knock me right out. I got angry earlier and had a couple of puffs off a butt that was in my car ashtray. I will not smoke again today. Tomorrow I plan to not smoke at all, so don't nobody piss me off.

I thought for a while I wanted my very last cigarette to be sort of ceremonious; I was gonna drive up on the mountain and have one last butt or something. But then I realized that it doesn't really deserve a ceremony. It ain't no big thing.

Weedmaster P's POT shirt is being re-released for the holidays! I'll be adding a gift-packaging option in a couple of days so if you want to buy something for a friend it can arrive in an envelope like this one. Cheers.

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