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Vote for me! The End Times will be times you won't want to end! We're gonna give tax breaks to the impaled and free medicinal marijuana to the eviscerated. And when the armies of Satan come marching over the mountains, you'll be free to fire upon them with your massive stockpiles of firearms, though it will be an entirely futile offensive.

What you're witnessing in panel one is one my my daily think tank sessions with The Poopmonster. Our strategy: if it doesn't work, it was a bad idea.

In actual reality, a terrible thing has happened down south. N'awlins, you showed me the absolute best of times and the most sickeningly worst of times in a period of about half an hour a few years back. I swore I'd never visit you again and now it looks like I never may. God bless all my brothers and sisters that got in the way of Katrina's little tantrum.

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