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I got some 'splainin' to do on this one. First of all, if you know who Crissy Moran is right off the bat, . If you don't, don't Google for her if you're under 18 or at work. That's all I'm gonna say about that, other than this OC is an actual dream I had. When the I first uttered WEBCEST a few weeks ago near Union Square in NYC with the GynoStryker, there were zero results for "Webcest" on google, and it asked if you meant "webquest." Now there are at least 475 instances of it and some pretty and about it. It doesn't matter that hates WEBCEST, you're to hate WEBCEST. WEBCEST is a act, usually sexual and/or disgusting, made possible by the inter net. It's not going to go away. Ever.So anyway, that's why we launched the last night, and from the looks of things that sucker might stay around a while.There's gonna be another OC up this weekend so look out with your eyes!Many TopatoCo items are shipping today! And I'm going to say hypothetically that if I had hypothetical access to the new record, I would probably be hypothetically listening to it non-stop. Buy it when it comes out. I'm all over it.

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