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Here is part three of when Weedmaster P overdosed on weed and Cheetos! I can almost smell the cease and desist letter.[edit] It just occurred to me that non-Americans (AKA the ENEMY) might not know exactly what Cheetos are. To save you from Googling and finding their noisy-assed website, here is what Cheetos is:Cheetos are essentially lumpy, crunchy objects covered in a sort of cheese chemical powder. And as you can see on the package, Chester Cheetah gives little regard to safety regulations regarding unsafe cheese content -- in fact he openly defies them. This shameful disregard for public safety means that Cheetos are extremely delicious. Anyway. is almost where it needs to be. We shipped somewhere in the ballpark of 300 packages this week and are still sending email notifications. I've set up an AIM account (TopatoCo) for real-time help if you have order questions (used during business hours and someone else will usually respond, not me). A new design is launching next week, and we are arranging a back-to-school free shipping weekend very soon.

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