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Well I guess it's a good thing that Weedmaster P smokes so much weed, but to be honest this wouldn't have even happened if he didn't smoke so much weed. I don't know, I guess fortune really does favor the foolish.

There may or may not be comics for tomorrow. I am embarking on a pilgrimage back to the small Oklahoma town from whence I was wrought, re-assembling my fragmented family for the anniversary of my birth. They ain't got inter nets out that way though, so I will probably be unavailble by e-communications until Monday.

If you participated in the birthday fundraiser, please be sure I have your correct name on file (email work[a] I have a little surprise lined up for you special doggies and doggettes.

My arch-nemesisThe Englishman has one of these "blogs" now too!

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